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The optometrists of Innovative Eye Care have a wide scope of expertise. Our blog provides a platform for our practitioners and staff to share a little more about their professional interests and experiences. As well as some weird and wonderful case studies, you’ll be kept up to date with practice news, the latest research and treatment options, products we love and fashion trends in our retail space.

04 November 2022

Internation Cornea and Contact Lens Congress 2022

In October 2022, the IEC optometrists team – Millie, Dylan, Lachlan and Pooja – jetted off to Sydney for the International Cornea and Contact Lens Congress. Lachlan gave a lecture about complex scleral lenses, outlining which patients can benefit th…

15 February 2022

Discover Bolle

I have been using two pairs of Bolle’s current sunglasses range for cycling. Both pairs have angled arms and a shape which plays nice with the range of helmets that I use. They are both very comfortable to wear with lens colours, densities and optic…

22 July 2021

Introducing Vivid Vision

Binocular vision disorders are conditions which affect how the eyes work together. They can often be associated with symptoms such as: Eye strain Headaches after short periods of near work Blurred or double vision Words moving on the page Closing or…

20 January 2021

What are DIMS lenses? A new myopia control strategy

Myopia, or short-sightedness, causes blurry vision either because the eye has grown too long or because its focusing power is too great. The former of these is more worrying, since out-of-control growth stretches and damages the tissues at the back …

19 November 2020

World Diabetes Day 2020

The facts: Every 5 minutes, 1 person is diagnosed with diabetes in Australia1 Diabetes is the leading cause of preventable blindness in Australia2 The rates of diabetes is increasing faster than heart disease or cancer1 Diabetic eye disease occurs i…

19 August 2020

Why can't I use tap water with my contact lenses?

There are certain pairings of things that simply do not mix well together; water and oil, orange juice and toothpaste, scotch and water, bathtubs and toasters, and tap water and contact lenses! Washing contact lenses in tap water poses an increased …

18 August 2020

Things all contact lens wearers should know

Contact lens care can be confusing, whether you’re new to wearing or you’re a long-time wearer. Here’s a few of the key points to bear in mind when you’re wearing and handling your contact lenses. Remember, above all else, your eyes should look good…

12 August 2020

The latest addition at Innovative Eye Care

The Pentacam AXL Wave is the latest addition to Innovative Eye Care’s arsenal of advanced imaging technology. It functions as a: Tomographer (maps corneal, iris and lenticular tissue) Topographer (maps the front surface of the cornea) Autorefractor …

28 May 2020

Macula Month 2020

Macular Month is about reminding us of the importance of eye health, especially inside our eyes. When light enters our eyes through the pupil, it’s focussed on the back of the eye, or the retina. The most central and highly sensitive part of the ret…

07 May 2020

Computer vision syndrome and working from home

Recently, computer vision syndrome has emerged as a term that describes a group of eye and vision related problems resulting from poor visual hygiene when using a computer. It affects 50-90% of computer users, with common symptoms including eye stra…

30 April 2020

How do I know if I want a multicoat?

One of the most common dispensing questions that gets asked is should I get a multicoat on my lenses. It is not a trivial cost but it’s also not the major cost of glasses. So what are the benefits: What does a mutlicoat do? A multicoat works very mu…

27 April 2020

Congratulations to Pooja on her publication

We’re extremely proud of our optometrist Pooja Bhindi, who recently had her research (developed at Flinders University with a team of colleagues) published in the renowned scientific journal Clinical and Experimental Optometry. Pooja’s research cent…

26 March 2020

Global Specialty Lens Symposium 2020

The annual Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) was held in Las Vegas in January this year. The GSLS is the leading international contact lens conference, bringing together optometrists, ophthalmologists and researchers alike from over 35 countrie…

23 March 2020

Miru Contact Lenses

See the world in a new way with Miru contact lenses. Developed with the latest Japanese technology, the name ‘Miru’, means to see. At Innovative Eye Care we are always on the look-out for the latest and greatest for our patients and have been blown …

25 January 2020

Why Innovative Eye Care uses the same technology as NASA

During prolonged space-flight, astronauts can sometimes develop a condition known as spaceflight-associated neuro-ocular syndrome or SANS. It can involve optic disc oedema, choroidal thickening and folding, globe flattening and consequent shifts in …

05 September 2019

Julie's placement at IEC

My name is Julie and I’m currently in the final year of my optometry degree at Flinders University. For the last 6 weeks, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to complete my placement at Innovative Eye Care Henley Beach, an industry-leading…

25 March 2019

Pooja's student placement at IEC

My name is Pooja and I am currently in my fifth year of Optometry at Flinders University. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to spend the past six weeks with the amazing and talented team at Innovative Eye Care at Hutt Street. Duri…

12 December 2018

13th Congress of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania

The Orthokeratology Society of Oceania held its bi-annual congress on the Gold Coast at the beginning of October this year. This two and a half day congress was well supported by many optometrists, doctors and orthokeratology researchers and entrepr…

21 September 2018

Allergy eye

Irritated, red, eyes can be caused by a number of different maladies but if itchiness is present then this symptom points strongly to allergy eyes. Eye allergies are an over sensitivity to a harmless foreign substance, an allergen, which may be seas…

11 September 2018

Contact Lens Recycling

Disposable contact lens wear does create waste. The amount varies with monthlies having about half the amount of waste of dailies, while non-disposables have twice as much waste as daily disposable lenses. This waste should certainly not be disposed…

09 August 2018

SALA: celebrating local artists

It’s August, which means the SALA festival has begun! Our practice has a legacy in the creative arts expanding over 40 years. Previous North Terrace optometrist Kevin Rooney brought over his interest in music, theatre and art during the merge with I…

07 August 2018

Helpful or hype? Blue light filters

In recent years the conversation surrounding the effects of blue light has been steadily growing. What began as investigations into the sleep cycle of photosynthetic marine plankton in the 1950s has rapidly progressed to today’s detailed research of…

24 July 2018

Camella's student placement at IEC

My name is Camella Do and I am a final year optometry student from Flinders University. I have been given the opportunity to spend the last 6 weeks at Innovative Eye Care as part of my clinical placement. This has been a very eye-opening experience …

01 June 2018

Appropriate disposal of unwanted medications

In this age of increasing antibiotic resistance, one easy way that everyone can help to tackle resistance, and also protect our environment, is to minimise the amount of drugs that get put into landfill or that enter the waterways. The best way to d…

23 May 2018

Headaches, eye-aches and vision changes

A range of different forms of headaches occur with either pain around the eyes or with changes to vision and these headaches can be tricky to diagnose because both eye and vision symptoms may be caused by either an eye disease, a head disease or a s…

07 April 2018

The link between healthy eating and healthy eyes

Most people don’t immediately associate what they eat with their eye health (unless it’s “carrots help me see in the dark”), but the food we eat contains nutrients that impact our vision, the condition of our eyes, and our overall physiological stat…

03 April 2018

Visual snow

Visual Snow is a symptom which is often described as if television static, or the image of a de-tuned analogue TV, is seen on top of otherwise normal vision. It is a chronic, mainly visual condition but may also involve migraine, tinnitus, tremor or…

17 March 2018

Katie's student placement at IEC

My name is Katie and I am a fifth year optometry student from Flinders University. As part of my final year of studying optometry, I have been lucky enough to spend six weeks of placement at Innovative Eye Care Henley Beach. During this placement I …

09 January 2018

Research project: ortho-k, myopia & glaucoma

The eye is one of the most complex systems of the human body.1 Parts of the eye include, but are not limited to, the cornea, sclera, retina and optic nerve, which all work in conjunction with the brain to produce sight, arguably the most important s…

31 December 2017

What's been happening in 2017

As we kick off into 2018, we have been reflecting on the year that was. Here are a few highlights… The year started with some major renovations to the Hutt Street Practice. Thank you to all those who endured the madness during this time! In March we…

22 December 2017

The year that was: 2017

As the working year has quickly come to an end, we have been reflecting on the year that was. Here are a few highlights… We kicked off 2017 with some major renovations to the Hutt Street Practice. Thank you to all those who endured the madness durin…

05 December 2017

Blepharitis and dry eye, chicken or the egg?

For many years, blepharitis and dry eye disease (DED) have been thought to be two distinct diseases, and evaporative dry eye distinct from aqueous insufficiency. Consider the “chicken-and-egg”, a metaphoric adjective describing situations where it i…

03 November 2017

Dry eye disease and the DEWS II

Dry eye disease is a common condition that coincides with a variety of signs, symptoms and environmental conditions that all mean it has high potential for being overlooked. It’s prevalence is high with studies ranging from 5-35% but despite this, a…

03 November 2017

Sclerals changing the journey for keratoconus

It used to be that the vision journey for people with progressing keratoconus was that they would wear glasses until their vision wasn’t good enough in them and then wear rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses until they became too uncomfortable. …

25 September 2017

Coopervision MyDay Toric launch

Nearly all new contact lenses now use silicone as a vital component of the lens material - an innovation developed in Australia at the Brien Holden Vision Institute. This was the second fundamental shift in soft contact lens technology after the adv…

18 September 2017

See our new office refurbishment!

We are very excited to show off our new office refurbishment at the Hutt Street premises. This project certainly has been a few years in the making. Many thanks to Sue Barber at Decor & Design, and her army of professionals for their amazing work (o…

11 September 2017

Spring/summer 2017 trend report

“Your frame says a lot about your personality, we want you to be confident, look sensational and smile radiantly when you put them on”. I always look forward to summer because I confess I really dislike the cold weather. Spring enthuses us with an a…

06 September 2017

Lazy eyes and Shaw lenses

Have you got an eye that’s just been lying about and not getting used much? Having two eyes has many advantages. We can afford to lose one and still see. It allows us to compare the differences each eye sees and perceive a sense of 3D, depth, stereo…

04 September 2017

Melina's student placement at IEC

My name is Melina and I am an optometry student in my fourth year of study at Flinders University. I have recently begun the placement phase of the degree, and was lucky enough spend six weeks at Innovative Eye Care at Henley Beach. It is fantastic …

29 August 2017

Vision training: there's more than meets the eye!

Optometrists are here to help you see better! There are a number of ways in which that can be achieved depending on the visual problems that an individual might have. Often, glasses or contact lenses are prescribed for the correction and treatment o…

21 August 2017

Colour vision deficiencies

Colour is not always as simple as it looks. Like many aspects of our perception and even memory, colours are shoehorned by our visual system to fit the context in which we see them. That shoehorning process changes how colours look. The blue/yellow …

14 August 2017

Dry or watery eyes? The solution may be a plumbing job

In some ways your eyes are like a shower. You have a tear gland at the top that makes tears. These tears are constantly washing over the surface of your eye to keep it clean and smooth. They then drain away into a channel through your lower lid into…