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Karl Evans
November 4, 2022
4 min read

I have been using two pairs of Bolle’s current sunglasses range for cycling. Both pairs have angled arms and a shape which plays nice with the range of helmets that I use. They are both very comfortable to wear with lens colours, densities and optics that make them both the sunglasses I reach for first when going out for a ride.

Bolle Chronoshield

The chronoshields are a refresh of a classic bolle model and measures 147mm wide by 65mm deep. It carries over the rounded lower shape with a gently downward curved top section of the original chronoshield but with sharper lower outer corners.

I have been apprehensive towards the current trend towards very large sunglass frame sizes but the Chronoshield’s haven’t given me any of the troubles I was worried about in terms of lens fogging or fit issues while wearing a helmet.

The design of the sweat pad means it works better than any other that I’ve tried while also helping to block sun from between the frame and the helmet. Larger lens designs push the frame outside the field of view but a well designed shape can do the same even for more regular frame sizes (Poc Do Blade’s come to mind). The unique advantage of large frames is the extra coverage for sun and impact protection of the face. For this reason, I tend to wear these on weekends when I’m doing longer days on the bike in the sun.

The Chronoshield is available in brown and grey base tints, Phantom (Photochromatic), and Volt+ Polarised lenses.

Bolle Shifter

The shifter is a more regular 142mm by 55cm size with a more conventionally angular design. It features a moderately sized shelf on the top of the frame which helps with sun protection but also adds to the strength of this frame. This frame model appears to be particularly durable, with a very solidly sized frame, arms and hinges, not that I have the misfortune to have to test that out yet. The smaller size does mean they are lighter, despite the thicker frame, and these are the sunglasses I take out most days on the bike.

The Shifter is available in brown, grey, pink and clear base tints, Phantom (Photochromatic), and Volt+ Polarised lenses.

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