Digital Anterior Photography

Anterior imaging (that is, imaging of the front of the eye) is vital for detecting and recording important information about your eye health, as well as for providing information about the shape of your eye in contact lens fittings. At Innovative Eye Care we use the highest quality equipment to ensure the best monitoring of our patients' eyes.

Both our Adelaide and Woodville practices are equipped with slit-lamp bio-microscopes that have a high quality Canon digital camera incorporated to take high resolution images. Your optometrist will use these for a magnified and detailed view of your eyes during your eye examination.

We are also owners of the Heidelberg Spectralis, a top-of-the-range OCT machine that takes highly detailed images of your eye. All of our consulting rooms are also equipped with Medmont corneal topographers, which give accurate mathematical information about the shape of the front of your eye, a feature that’s especially important for ortho-K and rigid lens wearers and in diagnosing refractive conditions.

As well as being useful for contact lens fittings, anterior imaging is very useful in order to photo-document any unusual aspects of your eyes that might indicate disease or other abnormalities, such as cataracts and keratoconus. Photos are also vital for tracking the healing of your eyes – for example, following a corneal infection.

Your optometrist will show you the different photos in the exam room to explain more about your eyes and any ocular conditions you might have. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words!