Blepharitis is traditionally managed with eyelid hygiene performed by the patient at home. In our experience this can be time-consuming and only semi-effective in controlling the bacterial load and eyelid margin debris that causes chronic irritation and inflammation.

Innovative Eye Care have now invested in a BlephEx treatment system at both our Adelaide and Woodville practices to help the 30% of the population affected by some form of blepahritis. BlephEx is an in-office procedure that allows optometrists to take an active role in treating blepharitis during consultations.

The BlephEx procedure involves your optometrist using a handpiece to precisely spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes, removing scurf and debris and exfoliating your eyelids. The BlephEx treatment is well tolerated and only takes around 10 - 20 minutes to perform.

Typically patients find that they have good relief from their blepharitis following the treatment and can manage their symptoms more easily with their home therapies. In most cases, patients prefer to have the procedure repeated every 6 - 12 months to continue their relief.

The BlephEx tool is an important component of our management for patients with demodex blepharitis. Mites can be tricky to eradicate and some patients require multiple treatments with diluted tea-tree oil to control the mite population in their lashes.