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Everyday Eye Care

Dry Eye Exercises

Lid hygiene

This can be performed with a clean wet flannel soaked in warm water but in more severe cases may require specific lid wipes or scrubs. The eyelids should be massaged gently close to the lashes in a side-to-side motion for 30 seconds, cleaning the top eyelid for 15 seconds and the bottom eyelid for 15 seconds.

Warm compress

The glands need to be heated to only 40-50 degrees which amounts to about 20-25 seconds in the microwave. The compress then needs to be kept over your eyes for a full 10 minutes, followed by 1 minute of blink training (see below). Performed regularly, this process helps to maintain regular function of the glands for an adequate protective lipid layer.

Blink training

Think blink! Consider doing blink exercises whenever you are in a drying environment and any other times when your eyes are uncomfortable. Pay attention to your blinking whenever you are concentrating: working on a computer or smartphone and take a moment to do your blink exercises if you start to experience discomfort.

  • Open eyes. Count 1 , 2.
  • Close eyes. Count 1, 2.
  • Squeeze eyes. Count 1, 2.
  • Repeat for 1 minute.