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Blink Training

Did you know our blink rate can reduce by as much as 60% when we read. 1 When we fixate, we blink less leading to dry eye symptoms.

Blinking cleans and lubricates the front surface of your eye of any debris and washes it out with fresh tears, so less blinking means more irritation and dryness.

Blink Exercises

Blink exercises are simple to do. Consider doing blink exercises whenever you are in a drying environment and any other times when your eyes are uncomfortable.

Try repeating these exercises four times per day or once an hour if you are at a computer.


  1. Without squeezing gently close your eyes
  2. Keep your eyes closed for two seconds
  3. While keeping your eyes closed, squeeze your eyelids together for two seconds
  4. Gently open and relax your eyes for two seconds
  5. Repeat five times


1. Karson CN, Berman KF, Donnelly EF, Mendelson WB, Kleinman JE, Wyatt RJ. Speaking, thinking, and blinking. Psychiatry Res 1981;5:3:243-246.

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