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December 4, 2023
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Supported by cutting edge technology, our Adelaide and Henley Beach teams work with you to provide quality eye care and vision solutions. Your initial eye test with our optometrists will take approximately 45 minutes and will include an in-depth evaluation to determine your prescription and check for any eye conditions. Please ensure you bring along any glasses or contact lenses you currently use and recent referral letters.

Our caring team will guide you through each step to ensure that you understand every aspect of the eye exam here at Innovative Eye Care. Our comprehensive consultation involves:

Personalised care. A great eye care consultation starts with understanding you, your general health, eye health, vision needs and lifestyle.

Eye health. We use advanced equipment like OCT machines and retinal photography to make sure you and your eyes are in good condition.

Eye focussing. Measuring refraction, near vision and distance vision allows us to determine if you need correction with lenses.

Eye coordination. Clear vision requires both eyes to be working together in the correct way. If your eyes are not cooperating, it can result in double vision, headaches and learning problems.

Health & lifestyle. Diet, exercise and lifestyle can have an enormous impact on your eyes. Discussing these aspects of your health with your optometrist is vital.

Eye medications &management. When required we can arrange for medications to treat eye conditions or refer you for more specialised medical treatment.

Lens advice. Not all lenses will suit every individual’s needs. Some prefer glasses, while others will require contact lenses. We can give recommendations on what is right for you.

Patient registration

To ensure we can provide the most personalised care for your eyes, we will ask about:

  • Your vision needs
  • Your personal eye health history
  • Your family history of eye conditions
  • Your general health


Expert recommendations

We will discuss our findings with you and provide recommendations tailored to your eye health needs.

  • If contact lenses are required, our optometrists will help you choose lenses and a lens care system that will best support your visual needs
  • If contact lenses are prescribed, you will be taught how to insert and remove them safely and clean and care for them correctly
  • If glasses are required, our frame stylists will help you to choose frames that suit your individual style, fit comfortably and provide you with the clearest vision possible

What to bring

  • Current spectacles
  • Current RGP or scleral contact lenses (if applicable)
  • Medicare card
  • Concession cards (including Department of Veteran Affairs card if applicable)
  • Private health insurance card (if applicable)

This practice strives to provide the highest level of optometric health care and to ensure the best results for each patient. To find out more about how your eye examination is billed, please click here.


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