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Eyewear for Children

We know that choosing a frame for a child or teen is a whole different ball game to choosing for an adult. You’re looking at smaller sizes, varied colours, extreme durability - and something they will love enough to actually wear. That’s where we come in.

Nike Vision

Nike has revolutionised athletic footwear and sportswear. Nike realises that the need for durable spectacles doesn’t vanish on the field or in the schoolyard, and they have developed their range of children’s eyewear for this reason.

Why we love Nike

We love Nike because our young patients do! These sporty frames come in a huge range of colours for boys and girls.

  • Affordability without compromising durability
  • Fashionable and colourful


This frame brand is known for its outgoing styles that stand out from the crowd, as well as its sturdiness that perseveres through rough handling.

Why we love Vulkan

Vulkan eyewear is a brand our patients return to again and again for its diverse collection and superior quality. It is especially popular amongst kids in middle school for its conventional styles.

  • Excellent quality and functionality
  • Diverse collection in a multitude of colours


A French eyewear brand, RG512 is dedicated to producing sleek frames of a high quality for the same durability found in most reputable kid’s eyewear brands.

Why we love RG512

Quality and affordability go hand in hand where RG512 is concerned. For patients who are looking for tough, affordable frames, this is the frame brand we direct them to.

  • Conventional and classic styles
  • Tough frames for active kids

Kensie Eyewear

The Kensie designers take the latest trends and put a Kensie spin on them, ensuring a frame that is fashionable, wearable and affordable. It’s runway style at street savvy prices.

Why we love Kensie

If you have a high prescription, chances are you’ve struggled to find a frame that doesn’t compromise on style. This is where Kensie eyewear comes to the rescue. Small eye sizes mean we can accomodate complex scripts with ease.

  • Classic frame shapes
  • Affordable prices for bright colours