Alcon Soft Contact Lenses

Innovative Eye Care has reconfigured how we do soft contact lenses. We're always conscious of how best to fit our patients with the correct lens script and modality for them. After careful consideration of all the available soft lenses, we've taken a liking to Alcon's products.

They’re at the forefront of soft lens technology and have just released a brand new range of daily disposable soft contact lenses that have been proven to be some of the most comfortable available.1 That’s because contact lenses with higher water content better wet the front surface of the eye – and Precision1 contact lenses have a layer of moisture that’s over 80% water.

On top of that, the vision they provide is incredibly clear. Your optometrist will determine your contact lens script at your initial consultation and from there, you can begin Alcon’s unique trial experience. You’ll receive a free 30 day supply so you can get a really clear idea of whether the lenses are suitable. If at the end of that trial period you decide they’re not for you, no worries – you can simply discontinue using the lenses.

And for all you environmentalists out there – Innovative Eye Care has partnered with Bausch & Lomb to help end contact lens wastage. We’ll collect your empty blister packs and used lenses to send them for recycling. The contact lens boxes themselves can be disposed of using your regular recycling bin.

To take a look at how to handle, insert and remove soft lenses, check out this page.


  1. A prospective, controlled, double-masked clinical trial to evaluate the performance of PRECISION1™; Alcon data on file, 2018 (available upon request)