Style Guide: Futuristic Retro

06 March 2019

Millie Meegan

Recently, everywhere we look there’s the resurgence of an aesthetic that belongs to a very unique decade - the Psychedelic 70’s. We see the return of iconic styles from a different time over and over again in styling, labelled ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ looks, and this particular decade is no different. The style staples of this era (including tie-dye, co-ordinating tracksuits and graphic tees popularised by bands like Led Zepplin) have suddenly sprung from fashion faux-pas to in-vogue, thanks to the push from designer brands to bring them back.

The most prominent of these brands is Gucci, which was named Brand of the Year at the 2018 British Fashion Awards. A year earlier, their Pre-Fall 2017 ‘Soul Scene’ campaign relished in the most outrageous 70’s fashion, and it has continued to inspire many other collections since. Kanye West’s wildly successful collaboration with Adidas, worn by countless supermodels, has helped to reinstate the graphic tee as a unisex wardrobe must-have in recent years.

Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 Soul Scene Campaign drawing on 70’s aesthetics (left), and international supermodel Kendall Jenner sporting a Yeezus graphic tee, popularised by bands like The Rolling Stones (right).

The eyewear industry has followed suit and now the world’s most prominent frame brands are producing distinctly 70’s-inspired models. The intent is obvious - big frames make a big statement. Face A Face is a French designer eyewear brand that has recently crafted particularly beautiful frames in line with this philosophy. The frames are bold, colourful and retro to reimagine styles from the disco decade. The frame models JACKIE 1 and GIPSIE 2 embody this to a tee.

French eyewear designer Face A Face models JACKIE 1 (left), and GYPSIE 2 (right).

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